our corporate philosophy



As long-time owners of different hotel properties around the country, we at Terrapin Hotel Management were constantly challenged by the difficulties involved in finding a company that was able to best represent our interests on the ground. We found that we were constantly forced to divert resources to manage things ourselves so we ultimately decided to create a series of owner-centric systems designed to manage our diverse portfolio in a way that maximized efficiency and profitability while accounting for each property’s unique attributes.

When you hire Terrapin, you engage a company that thinks the same way you do. We understand your priorities and concerns and are able to protect your interests. More importantly, we place your interests on par with our own, giving your property the same attention that we give each of our own.

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Terrapin Hotel Investment and Management services include increased financial performance, sales and marketing, guest services, human resources and renovations.



We employ a series of financial management and reporting tools that allows us to track all income and expense categories of every property. We meticulously review the income statements every month and report out all variances and how we will correct them. We use the power of the M3 accounting system, which we’ve found to be the most efficient way to monitor and manage all aspects of financial operations including payables, receivables, margins, and cash flow.



We have experience in marketing across a range of media including search engine optimization and pay-per-click campaign management. We utilize a suite of tools to precisely track ROI for every marketing dollar spent. We also employ extensive tools designed to maximize revenue per booking. To ensure marketing plans translate into sales, we’ve developed a system that gives on-site sales teams the freedom to proactively pursue leads and book business. By sending them out into the field, we extend reach and expand your property’s revenue base.



Exceeding guest expectations is integral to what we do. To help maximize repeat business and profitability, we constantly survey and evaluate guest satisfaction results at each property. We continually create action plans to ensure we are doing everything possible to provide an experience guests want to enjoy again and again.



At Terrapin Hotel Management we firmly believe that people are at the foundation of any enterprise’s success. We place a significant emphasis on recruiting and retaining the best we can find — from top-line managers to those who interact with guests on a daily basis. More importantly, we empower the teams who are running each property to do all of the things that they do best. We allow them to operate autonomously, exercise their best judgment, and do what they feel is necessary to ensure the property operates at maximum profitability.



As long-time property owners ourselves, we’ve managed a number of large and small-scale construction projects. Because of this, we understand the importance of maintaining strict controls over budget and timeline while always adhering to brand standards.


community service

Terrapin Hotel Management has properties across the nation, maintaining a presence in many different communities. We feel strongly that giving back to these communities is a priority. Terrapin Hotel Management has an incentive program in place that encourages all our team members to volunteer within their individual communities.

Goals & Strategy


Terrapin Management's goal is to consistently deliver a high level of customer service to our guests and excellent financial results to our owners, creating and enhancing the value of each of our properties. We accomplish this goal by improving our processes, investing in our associates, and effectively managing capital improvements. Every dollar is maximized to provide a high level of return in a variety of markets and economic cycles.

Terrapin Management's business strategy is to continue to grow and become a leading owner and manager of business and leisure hotels across North America. We are pursuing ownership and third party management of major franchised brands in primary and secondary markets in the U.S.  In addition, Terrapin Management is committed to the highest standard of ethics in working with partners, employees and our guests. We believe transparency and trust are paramount and we will be more profitable by providing open lines of communication and accessibility to our executive team at all times. 

Indaco Risk Advisors

Protecting the bottom line is every bit as important as growing the bottom line. Indaco approaches this from both a top-down and a bottom-up style, ensuring proactive and defensive protection of the bottom line. Terrapin Hotel Management’s partnership with Indaco has allowed us to achieve and maintain a low workers compensation and MOD rating, far lower than the industry standard.


M3 is a software and service company that delivers actionable insight to drive financial performance for hotelier and enterprise hospitality businesses. With their integrated technology platform, in the last two decades Terrapin Hotel Management has been able to serve almost 5,000 hotels without increasing our service prices.

Xponent Employee Solutions

Xponent Employee Solutions is the leading provider of business process outsourcing services, providing Terrapin Hotel Management with a comprehensive, integrated outsourcing solution to reduce the costs and complexities associated with payroll, employee benefits, and insurance services and human resource management from a single source provider.


Terrapin Hotel Management and Unifocus work together to drive measurable results: improved productivity, employee engagement, customer intent to return and recommend. By focusing on top- and bottom-line results, we are able to achieve business results and increase asset value, consistently delivering results while saving 4%-7%.


BirchStreet Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of cloud-based P2P automation solutions to hospitality, gaming, restaurant, healthcare and other industries. Their P2P platform is a suite of web-based applications that allow Terrapin Hotel Management to leverage our collective buying power, automate back-office processes and tighten financial controls.